Top trends to look out for in the mobile app development in 2018

We have stepped into the year 2018, with all the new technologies that redefine the technology space. With bristling technology advances that are rapidly taking the business to new heights. Before you take a deep leap into the mobile app development world, take time to get acquainted with the mobile application development to redefine your business.


AI in App Development

With IoT and AI stirring up the Internet world with more advanced applications that are capable of obtaining human responses and convert into data required for the app and use it effectively. AI is continually advancing and drifting the mobile user experience to higher levels.


Android instant apps

Gone are the days where it takes enough time and space for installing apps. With android instant apps, just go use the app anywhere for your convenience. Just run the android apps in a seamlessly quicker way and even to share.



Blockchain came in and conquered the internet completely. A shared, unalterable ledger to keep track of all the online transactions or bitcoins. These blocks of information just stay unhampered and hence quite effective for uninterrupted and uncorrupted data.

Cloud Technologies

With Cloud technology, the mobile technology has gained a wing of advancement. With the cloud, there are many benefits that support start-ups and even established firms. Cloud facilitates streamlined operations, reduces hosting and equipment costs too as well as doubles productivity. With cloud operation on multiple platforms also becomes seamlessly possible.


Predictive Analysis

Apple, Google, Facebook keep their audiences on their toes with this predictive analysis. Data analytics is growing and establishing itself in every social media circle as well mobile app development companies. With Predictive analysis, the business can compute the data on the basis of the market and the available data and help your business.

Business bots

To give an edge to your apps, with effective UI/UX facilities, employ Bots. With millions of apps spread across apple and android phones, give a tinge to your mobile app with this secret ingredient – BOTs.

Mobile Payments

With a boost of e-commerce and mobile payment apps like Paytm, UDI etc, the online payments are trending. With mobile payments facilitation, carrying around your debit or credit cards can be avoided. Apple Pay, Google wallet etc. are paving way for a money payment.

Accelerated mobile Pages

Even with internet widely available, the bandwidth causes a page loading problem for many. AMP is the unadorned version of HTML pages. AMP facilitates the making of faster page-loading services.

Gear up for the upcoming new trending technologies that will change the face of technology. With new leveraging technologies that are trending the mobile application development field, one can keep an eye on the world that will be running on 5G soon.

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