Blockchain Application that comes handy to small businesses

Bitcoin, cryptocurrency etc. are making waves in the world of technology. Blockchain forms the root of all the cryptocurrency transactions. Blockchain and bitcoins are the buzzwords of this new era. Blockchain underpins all the online transactions of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies by properly monitoring and recording.

Technology is ideally working towards building applications that can harness the flourishing of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Currently, with the trending technology, there are various applications that are progressing rapidly to help pubic use cryptocurrency and enable easy transactions.

A blockchain technology is a decentralized network governed by various computers that are linked using blockchain technology to jointly manage the database that is used to record the bitcoin transactions. Bitcoins are managed by this complete network forming the blockchain.  Blockchain mainly contains not only the bitcoin transactions, it also holds the records, documents, digital assets or even physical assets- overall it is just a different kind of database.

A blockchain system contains nodes that record transactions and agreements and group them as blocks which will also contain a link to the previous transaction. Hence a blockchain is like a public that maintains the recorded transactions, which cannot alter. A blockchain app is a bitcoin cryptocurrency wallet, as well as lets users, view the blockchain information hassle free.The app contains the current rates of various bitcoins, their statistics and economy as well as resources for developers.

A wide range of blockchain applications is used to help out the small business to big businesses. The blockchain is widely growing beyond the realms of just Cryptocurrency. The blockchain is clawing its influence on the cloud, auditing etc. where the complete potential of blockchain is utilized. Blockchain with its centralized unit of transaction offering transparency can be widely used in various industries like education, banking and finance, medical services and healthcare, insurance, jewellery business, travel and transport industries as well as online shopping portals.

With the rapid advancement of these upcoming technology, there is a varied possibility of blockchain application development to spread their expanse of these industries to assist them to flourish well.


Let us take a look at the popular business applications that makes blockchain handy for small businesses

Money transfer and payments

A popular application of blockchain happening currently, where one can send and receive payments. The best way it helps small business is that there is no hidden charges and no intermediaries who slow down the payment or cause any contemptable charges on the transfer. Sending and receiving payments becomes quick and one can escape the nagging intermediaries.


Cloud storage

Another widely used application is the cloud storage. With online storage provided by Cloud, blockchain can provide distributed online cloud storage facility in a reliable and cost-effective manner. In a way inviting more and more companies who are in their shell to use the platform well to reach out to their employees and customers.


The current system of centralized control on cloud storage can be modified with blockchain. Hence the data storage can be decentralized and can be secured. There are various startups who are working on encrypting the data and storing it online in the decentralized blockchain.


Ease your Digital Identity


Tracking and storing the digital identity is a cumbersome task. Rather it is an immense obligation in terms of security. Various cases of breaching the data security happening in and around are alarming the security issues of storing your digital data. With blockchain, data can be handled securely as well as reduce fraud.

In terms of banking, insurance, medical, online retailing or be it anything associated with online identification or authorization, blockchain eases the storing of data and encryption of it too. Data about identity can be stored in a unique way which is irrefutable by unidentified resources. Blockchain utilizes cryptography to ensure your online identity is safe and secured.



Make your mortgaging and contracts secure and safe with blockchain. With digitized contracts, the system will store the data of your minute transactions and keep it accounting. In a way, the transactions are legally bound in a digitized format with both parties involved agree to it.  The trust issues with intermediaries are solved in split seconds with blockchain smart contracts.



Since all your data and documents are stored and managed online, notary services can also be availed online with blockchain. With the efficient public database, the notary can be easily executed by verified users.

Even though most of the above ones are evolving, are rightly the best ones to bring on a technical revolution in the field of the blockchain .Working on these technologies, not only unravel the new world of data flow but also opens up the digital era to us. With blockchain, the functioning of everything will be rectified and observed keenly in order to secure your data. Hence blockchain is existing as well as embryonic in the current world.  Welcoming new technology trends to keep your business digitally acknowledged by the world will help you flourish.

Companies are creating a blockchain based application and bringing to the forefront the research and development happening in the blockchain apps. Let us all be an efficient part of these sprouting technologies and take our business to greater heights.

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