A blockchain, contains list of records, called blocks, which are linked using cryptography. Blockchain widely used in cryptocurrencies for the people easy to understand . Blockchain also use in private sector for business purpose. Blockchain also called “snake oil” in market .

Every block have a cryptographic hash of the last block ,a timestamp, and transaction data generally represented as a Merkle tree root hash. In the design, blockchain is resistant for  modifying  of the data. It is a safe mode to transactions between two party by the easy way and permanent. It is  use as a distributed ledger such that  a blockchain is typically managed by a peer-to-peer network together adhering to a protocol for communication and validation of  new blocks. when we put data once in blockchain ,we cant delete or alter the data even the owner also enable to do anything in the data.

It was discovered by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 for the public transaction of the bitcoin. By the discovery of the blockchain of the use of bitcoin as a digital currency to solve the problem of the public without authority or trust .The currency made by the blockchain inspired other industry.

Benefits of Blockchain technology in mobile apps

  • Secure data
  • Passwords not required
  • Validation and Data transparency
  • Secure the infrastructure


People  don’t want to  trust one another,they don’t want to share data with any one.It is difficult to manipulate data, as blockchain store data by sophisticated math and innovative software.

To understand how Blockchain secure . Bitcoin is a wonderful  example. In Bitcoin’s  theory share data is the history of every transaction. The multiple copies is stored by the ledger on a network of computers, are called “nodes.” Every time anyone submits a transaction to the ledger, the nodes check to make sure the transaction is valid or not that whoever spent a bitcoin had a bitcoin to spend or not.It convert a transactions into “blocks” and add them to a chain of previous node.Miner is the owner of these nodes. The owner of the previous node  who successfully add new blocks to the chain earn bitcoins as a reward.


We always know that valuable data means accurate.The transparency is assured in different ways such as :

First,Transparency-One platform by declaring their information  , user  are sharing data with their customers and, by extension, all the businesses  depend on the product’s supply chain.  In the supply chain all the stakeholders will see the  declare data    rather than a single person that is all the information will see the all persons included in the supply  chain. .

In other words , the  world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company that is SGS ,through the transparency of partnership with it ,we can apply validation on the quality of supply chain data entered into the platform. SGS declared and verified the information both by the integration with the SGS company databases and supplier team.

Individually supplier certifications not yet validated by SGS company,provided  by other certification bodies, including  those , can be verified by an SGS team, then tagged.It is found that when the data was entered once and it is verified and tagged it can’t be change by the supplier .

Finally, the data entered to the blockchain is immovable and can’t be changed or deleted and the information that data declared in the transparency platform can be go to the blockchain and permanently stored ,businesses along the whole supply chain have a greater incentive to provide accurate, truthful data and trust of the users .


Blockchain technology gives the greater major impact on the cryptocurrency development Company. Many old and new financial system are present in the market but the power of the bitcoin based on the technology on  blockchain. you can see about us many biggest project on blockchain in the market today and how they can potentially influence the future of IT infrastructure for the strongest bond  of trust and secure.


File Storage

When we thing about a file storage from a traditional standpoint, it looks as a binary system. Either your system have a storage or not. In old days , people used CDs and floppy disks, which were slow and added very minimal amounts of memory. when the external hard drive came to the market and improved this. At the end , today there are cloud storage solutions such as  Dropbox, One Drive, i Cloud, and others that offer some degree of improvement for the file storage . We can say that these solutions are better but still they are far from optimal.

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Blockchain project change the storage system i.e File coin and Store, we can say that it is future for file storage.

First of all,it is easier and much better that the product should be cloud storage because they have the higher bandwidth and fewer unexpected outages.

In other words ,the issue of privacy address by the  decentralized file storage applications . As the traditional cloud storage products hold data by centralized databases, the file of everyone users  are at risk of being hacked. In reality, this happened  only to Dropbox back in 2012 when 68 million users were hacked. The main thing that the company didn’t even report this issue until 2016. Within the  decentralized file storage solutions then hacks are extremely more difficult to execute and any data breach may not affect nearly as many users.

Prices will be much lower than current solutions ,it is the another vital component driving the adoption of decentralized file storage.  It is only because files will be stored across a P2P network instead through expensive database centers. This will be loving  by using cryptocurrency payments as incentives for individual users to join the network.

Mesh Networks

Mesh networking has been grown from a commercially-used technology to a consumer-level technology in just a very short time. The  products  like Eero, Luma, and Google Wi-Fi all help to decrease down wireless internet connection dead spots and fast connectivity levels for all devices.The main work of the  Mesh networks  is done by adding nodes to Wi-FI network so that devices have multiple possible connection points and not just the single connection point that is  offered by traditional routers and existing IT infrastructure.

The main Projects like Althea and SmartMesh SMT can be applied to resolve the internet connectivity problems in previously unconnected and  remote places also for  those with high network congestion that is sport stadiums and concert venues. As the data with SmartMesh.

For example, doesn’t have to go through centralized networks and can instead remain with the mesh network and  connection speeds are much more  faster and electricity consumption is less. Except from these, just offering wireless internet to the  coffee shops and airports. It have the ability for communities to produce their own decentralization ISPs, that is also make browsing private and neutral by default. Decentralization of the mesh network projects would not just make the internet itself fastest and more widely available but it will also advance the capabilities of newer technologies like IoT and IoE etc.


While the computing power of common computers is increasing day to day, the tendency of one machine are still no comparable to that of a supercomputer. That is the reason, why projects like Golem (GNT) and iExec RLC (RLC) have become popular nowdays.


To allow the  people for buy and sell computing power necessary to complete more complex tasks essentially allows that anyone to produce a supercomputer by the using of multiple computers create a supercomputer across the networking . now we have to say , Golem is focusing on a single use case that is  CGI rendering. As the projects like these continue to developing their technologies, that is easy to see how this concept could also be applied to solve current computation problems.To understand this consider an example, scientific modeling, data science, machine learning, and many more potential applications could all benefit by the decentralized computation.

We can say that Decentralized computation will allow businesses to scale their IT infrastructure by giving them more computing power at lowest price.Except to buy a supercomputer which could run in the millions, billions even more than billions  of dollars, businesses could one day have access to a same level of computing power at a fraction of the cost. The main part about this model is the flexibility that can offer for those needing extra computing power. Instead of having to buy a big amount of dedicated tools, costumers would simply pay the network only when extra amounts of computing are required.


it  is a distributed, decentralized  and public digital ledger which has the  record transactions across many computers so that the record cannot be delete or alter without the alteration of all subsequent blocks. The technology of Blockchain allows the participants to verify and auditing transactions . Blockchain database is on the basis of autonomously using a peer-to-peer network and a distributed time stamping network. They are powered by self interest and authenticated by .The use of blockchain is dramatically change in the industry.  Blockchain  confirms that each unit value was transferred  once only, solving double spending by the long-standing problem  .It is explain by the phenomenon of value-exchange protocol. On the basis of the blockchain system value can be completed fast ,secure and cheaper in comparison of the old systems. For compels offer and acceptance A blockchain can assign title rights to detail the exchange agreement.


For valid transaction(that are hashed and encoded into a Merkle tree. ) Block are use to hold batches .Each block includes the cryptographic hash of the prior block in the blockchain, linking the two.Block attached to one another form a chain . In the previous block ,the integrity confirms by the iterative .


Blockchain is  an Application Platform used for various purpose. In Bitcoin ,only technology is Blockchain which makes transaction easy ,secured using cryptographic methods.  It means that blockchain is a platform with a scripting language that can solve number of  use cases other than  cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin that is  the first real implementation of blockchain, is a decentralized currency and payment system, the underlying constructs that form the basis of the system which  do not have to be limited to payment transactions, accounts, balances or costumers. Instead that the  technology  of bitcoin is nothing more than transactions secured and executed by a scripting language using cryptographic methods and very secure that is one transaction is done by anyone always show to the all costumers.

The function of the of blockchain led to smart contracts, an innovation presented by the cryptocurrency called as Ethereum. In case of Ethereum the developers can produce private cryptocurrencies and contract-based applications using a Turing complete language, which allows for the businesses to utilize this language for setting their own rules and regulation in these apps.

The distributed ledger technology used in blockchain offering multiple benefits to the businesses that make a difference when implementing the solution that requires a high degree of trust for business transactions ,that is no authority,no stamping. Using this  technology offers the possibilities to reduce costs and offers the opportunity for businesses to build and to maintain an infrastructure that delivers the ability at lower expenses than traditional centralized models that is the cost in old days are much higher on such apps .

It can process transactions fastest as it doesn’t use a centralized infrastructure.  It is full secure that is , there is no system totally secure from cyber attacks, the distributed nature of blockchain provides an unprecedented level of trust. The property that is it can not alter or change , blockchain and its public availability among its users, whether in a public ledger or a private one, provides transparency. Anyone can use the system, to show all the transaction done by anyone.

Blockchain is widely used in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether the currency of Ethereum. It is used in various industry for many purpose such as security and trust that is in every business ,people want only the trust without any authority ,without any trust . AIS Mobile apps is a best option for express your idea and develop Blockchain commonly used in now days.

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