The main thing you consider  that when creating a new mobile application development Service. It needs a significant amount of time and money for invest. However, advertising is more important. Consider you launch a good and best app or a game. It may be a hit but you cannot create revenue by the your invention unless you gain your audience.

That’s why application marketing plays the main role in the business success. Let’s try to explain the best ways of a digital product promotion. The ideas listed below will help to build a best marketing plan and achieve great results.

Where to start

To elaborate the best mobile apps marketing plan, you need to study your audience first.Try to depict the potential customer base. Explain your market.

What is the demand of the product?

What can do your app to solving the problems?

Where are your main target customers?

What  are the  sites of social media groups do they visit?

The first step is a creation of the customer persona. That’s a detailed portrait of the core user. Be specific when building that profiles. Including as many details as you have.

Imagine the age of a customer, gender, his or her lifestyle, likes, and dislikes, level of income, favorite mobile apps or products, and many more etc. The infrequency you can gather is inexhaustible. You need to generate more than one persona. Any app related to several groups of targeted users. Try to explain and describe each of the category.

App Promotion Ideas

When you want to draw a portrait of your user it is easier to choose the most of the appropriate marketing tactics. By the beginning of an app launch process, you have to find an appropriate ad service. In starting, you need a certain number of app downloads for make your invention visible in the app stores and optimize it.

You can consider App Booster if you can pay for results only. This is a self-service platform to app installs that permits marketers to set up multiple ad campaigns within a minimum budget. Sign up for  getting more information.

At next stages, think about not only the customer’s quantity but also their quality. To make your app a success, you should build a strong customer base.Always pay attention to the customer engagement and If you persuade your audience  which your invention is just what they  want for their need you will build loyalty.

People that are satisfied with the your product will more likely for sharing it through social media channels, which creates a word-of-mouth effect that itself is the best promotional method.

Below is the several ideas to expand your brand

Be creative within ads  as many marketers know such that, kinds of commercials as native, and video ads are more efficient than display advertising.

Do via research and optimize your apps for the app store is that ,choose right keywords, create a good description and title.

Find something unique to offer such that your app features, its design should really impress users, study your competitors to make your invention standing out from the crowd.

Be an active within social media marketing that is the communicate with customers, try to find out what should improve in your product.

The best days to launch your iOS apps

Your requirement for app promo campaign to be the successful. You need for understanding revenue tendencies to your app category and know that  when it to run your in-app purchase promotion. If you are launching the app for the first time and running a download ad campaign that is, you need to know when people are most likely to download your apps.

A recent Sensor Tower article published that the research of the best days to promote your app by category, in the below, you’ll find the best practices that striving for raise your app revenue within your app promo campaign.

Saturday is one of the best day to promote your Entertainment and Lifestyle apps because during the weekend people that are generally allocating the time for hobbies and fun activity. The main revenue in the Books categories apps and falls on the weekends as well. A Books app promo campaign  that would be especially yielding on the Sunday.

The main revenue from Business apps that happens in the mid of the week. Running your promo campaigns on the day on  Wednesdays or Thursdays,that are the best for this category. Catalogs and Food and Drink categories create the most revenue on the weekends that most people shop. The H&F category is also doing better on weekends but is yield at the starting of the week.

The Finance category has the most surprising results. The best day for revenue is Sunday , with Saturday and Monday coming on the second and third place. Unlike other, the download graph is very differ in compare to the revenue graph. customers seem to download their apps during this week then wait until the weekend that play with them and make in app purchasing. Potential customers can also download the free version during this week then upgrade for the paid version when there is more time for examine it.

For other more results on the best days to other app categories such as Games, Medical, Music, Navigation, etc., check out the whole report here.

We hope to provide you with the guidelines for help you to make the more data-driven decision on when it is most appropriate for run your mobile app promotional campaign and spread the word about your in-app deals. You may be wondering to know that how to promote your app in the most efficient way here is that GO WIDE team steps in. We have invaluable experience for app marketing and have been involved in the promotions for every unit app category.

Tips to buy CPI traffic from networks

There are so many  simple ways of mobile app marketing. You can choose the free method of promotion, by using just social media channels, but it is not enough, as a rule, you can get customers for your mobile app, but you can’t guarantee the sufficient numbers of installs.

Buying quality traffic is the sure thing, in this case you should apply for the ad network, set up the campaign in accordance within your targeting, and acquire users. Learn more about the such platforms for customer acquisition, as an App Booster. You can start the ad campaign and sign up for this.

The one of the best advertising model for applications is CPI or you can say Cost per Install. Such these campaign implies placing ads on various digital media within the purpose to get much more downloads. Business owners that is app developers are charged only that an invention is installed by a customer. The more apps installs you have the much higher your product is ranked in the apps store.

Buy CPI traffic from networks step by step

Choose the CPI network and you should also pick the some number of ad networks for work with. This may be only one of the partner , several agencies. Be sure that  you can control your ad campaign.

Analyze the quality of traffic sources and differentiate  for select the best ones. It helps for spending money effectively. CPI networks takes together different traffic sources, so don’t judge the results from the whole agency. You required to control ID to each source individually.

Decide that the how many apps installs you are going to have in a day. Sets the daily cap.

Do not set higher CPI within at once. Better to start with the lower parameter and then increase the CPI gradually. Prices to the install may be differ due to the country or the kind of the mobile apps.

The main rule of setting the effective CPI campaign

When targeting the customer pay attention to the type of app which your audience usually installs. Find all kinds of application similar for your product, which the users may be interested in downloading. This can be traveling apps and game ,medical services.

Think of that metrics for the estimate customer engagement. You should define the average duration for the sessions within an apps, the counts of sessions. Analyze carefully the customer’s behavior when you have install already.Investigate the time and sources which are the main efficient for your ad campaign.

How App Store Review the Impact Ranking

Want to know  that how apps store reviews impact your keyword ranking. Well, I’m going to show you that the really cool case study as I went from lower into the top upper for a keyword in a matter of just 1 day.

Apps Store reviews may help boost your ranking. In fact, by the use of an ASO trick to optimize keywords, I  by the lower to the top upper in just a day.

That tactic also multiples my downloads. That downloads were not too higher but prior to making the change, I was averaging under 10 downloads and after that, the downloads went up to 30s and 40s.

Please check note that the trick only works if you have min hundreds of reviews in the Apps Store. We may all do the same tricks , optimize our app name and subtitles to the keywords which we want, but what makes the differ in our ranking are the reviews. Here is the case study shows you the value of having tons of ratings.So customer that iOS prompt to gain more and more reviews.

Elements for the Successful Product Marketing Plan

The main reasons for why vary from the bad management to the lack of financial backing – and, of course, having the crap product which no one wants to buy.

  1. Analyzing the competition

One of the first main and most important steps in the producing a successful product marketing plan is not only know that who you’re up against, but also to understand them.

Prioritize figure out your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses and all other knowledge. You can do this from analyzing reviews, asking questions in your market research and, testing out the product yourself.

From there, you can identify how you different from them. What does your product offer that theirs doesn’t give? What do you make different? What are the your USP?

 Analyze the market as the whole

How is saturated  it.

How many potential users do your competitor has yet to reach?

Are there rooms for your product?

Even in the saturated market, the answer is that  to that for last question could still be “yes.” Latest companies can, and do, move in and the claim a share for a saturated market to themselves. They just have to be more and more innovative.

                        2.Incorporate key differentiate into your message

Now you know that what makes you different by your competitors, you can use that knowledge for influence your marketing message.

Marketing messaging

Your company description is  on the social media and many other marketing materials.

Basically, any messaging which specifically designed for promote your brand or sell your product that falls under this umbrella and your key differentiated could be the driving force behind it.

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Use what makes you different for define that your position into the market and guide every element of your brand messaging.

3.Learning about your audience

You can’t produced the successful product marketing plan or any marketing plan for which matter that if you don’t know who you’re going for the marketing to period.

You need to know that what your typical users looks like and how they will behave as well as where , how they’re going for buy your product.

Consider an example, will your product be purchased on the basis of impulse?

It is a low cost consumable product that’s likely to be bought on a recurring basis.

Or it is  a high-ticket item with a long sales cycle.

Your competitor analysis could be a large help here. This is simple because you are the by and large  going for the targeting the same audience like they are and so anything you learn about them during that analysis  which can be applied here  too.

                  4.Realistic financial goals

Launching the product without the clear understanding for how much you have to spend ,how much you need to earn for akin to jumping into the deep end to the  pool when you don’t have the knowledge how to swim.

Setting financial goals which are not only simple to understand, but realistic as well, is essential for launching and marketing the product, and most importantly, and making it profitable.

So how may you ensure that the goals you set meet this criteria.

Beginning by the figuring out what you need for achieve and from when.

5.Create the diverse market strategy

The average of the enterprise company customer 8 different marketing channels. Odds are, main of these companies do this huge as they understand which one of the biggest driving forces behind the successful marketing strategy is being seen in as many places as possible, for the same time.

Odds are they also know which putting all of their eggs in the single basket is foolish.

This is the even in the case when you’ve tried and tested many channels and one has performed significantly better than all of others.

Sure, you could invest much more heavily in the proven channel .

You might try by using the many others:-


Content marketing

Adwords and Bing Ads

Paid social advertising


Email marketing

Affiliate marketing

6.Drive the customer loyalty

Returning to the customers reportedly spend 67% more than the new customers, as within any statistic, the numbers you experience will change, but what I can tell no dout with it is that loyalty pays.

So how can you get the best at customer retention?

If you run a SaaS company, or the product  as an app, implementing an effective on boarding strategy is necessary.

Don’t expect new customers for figure things out to themselves, as they won’t. They will play around with the product to the couple of minutes, and leave.

Upon sign-up, new customers should be taken within the step-by-step tutorial which teaches them how to use that product.

Bottom line

To get  much more app installs and to increase the income app owners and marketers have to take into account a big amount of factors. Keep an eye on the traffic sources and make the right choice of the CPI network by the constantly use analytics. All these simplest rules enable you for spend budget wisely.

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