Most of the brands of America Apple, Google, Microsoft etc., are coming out with the help of  Augmented Reality solutions, hardware and apps alike, catering to the increasing demand.

The launch of Apple AR Kit and Google AR Core reveal the accelerated growth to the AR industry and with many innovations expected in the future.

In the past decade especially, Augmented Reality have developed considerably over the years producing  the impact in sectors such as Finance, Travel, Education, E-commerce, Real Estate and many more,and moreover, with the unexpected launch of Pokémon Go, during the summer of 2016 and brands start to realize the importance of using augmented reality solutions in the branding and marketing to capture and retain their audience.

Most of the major brands like Coca-Cola, Ikea, Zara have all based on  Augmented Reality to the marketing and business purposes and they have realized the increasing importance of AR.

Some of the General Use Cases

1) Retail

  • Lowe’s the home improvement to store claim that the conversion rate was 104% higher to the customers who interacted with the 3-D objects in its app, rather than those that did not.
  • Yihaodian, the largest grocery store in China set up “virtual stores” in the parking lots, parks and other public tourist spots, nationwide. If the user had the apps downloaded, they could utilize their mobile device for shop virtually.
  • Ready for wear clothing label ZARA and launched the augmented reality collection by using the innovative technology discoverable on the shop windows, delivery boxes or ZARA’s online store

2) Advertising

  • 2013 Coca Cola Arctic Home Campaign: Coca-Cola and WWF teamed combined together and came out within the augmented reality campaign to warn the public about global warming and melting of the arctic circles.
  • Nissan See the Unseen Campaign: Nissan within the aim for display its Intelligent Mobility Technology to consumers came out within the AR- marketing campaign.By the help of mobile device and the company lets its users engage within the characters by the movie Star Wars: The Last Jedi, where they also educated the viewers about features of the car.

3) Travel

  • Various public parks in New Zealand and Australia are using location-based AR feature to woo kids and get them interested in going outdoors instead of spending time on the couch with a laptop or a TV.
  • There are also location-based AR apps that help the travelers on the Zentralbahn train line connecting Interlaken and Lucerne to relate to the surroundings, by pointing out the places of interest not just to entertain them but also to keep them informed and educated on the way.
  • Most recently in Jan 2018, Ixigo, the Travel marketplace in India also launched an augmented reality feature for its train’s app, which can also be used by iOS users to identify the positions of their coaches correctly.

We have also worked with important brands like Coca-Cola, Titan, Puma, Nippon, MRF and more, providing them with amazing Augmented Reality Solutions.

How our AR solutions impact various sectors?

             1.AR-Aided Retail

We help you brands to unlock a very rich and immersive in-store retailing where customers can view/ match/ customize products virtually. Convert the sales for build up the trust with users, within the augmenting specifications, nutritional information, ratings ,reviews and many more.

AugRay’s Immersive AR solutions include,


  • Product visualization: Futuristic shoppers may test models, styles and textures of products. The motorcycle that enthusiast can now bring alive the 3D view by the magazine ads, obsess every detail and angle of a newest model.
  • Online Product Fit: Blend e commerce within the thrilling and interactive shopping experience.
  • Ultra real interactive 3D models of products: Either it the furniture else a car, customers will now be able for visualize that product in great details and interact with it.

Benefits of using our Augmented Reality Solutions for the Retail sector

  • A chance to feel and experience the product like if they are at the brick and mortar store
  • Potential buyers could see how particular furniture would fit in a specific corner of the room
  • Sharing of a broader communication, experience and better engagement
  • Shoppers could get instant information about the product to the shoppers, such as the nutritional value, gluten-free or organic options, current offers running and so on.
  • They were allowed to make a comparison if they pointed their smartphone to a shelf

AugRay Use case example: Our “try on” AR solution for Titan

2.AR solutions for brand promotions and advertising

It is not just about how the brands or retailers can use it to improve customer experience, but Businesses can also use Augmented Reality Immersive Solutions to generate exciting engagements with your TG. AR can help Businesses to win over consumers with the help of interactive and fun-filled activities. It also helps to a build an ongoing relationship with the consumers.

Our Interactive and Fun-Filled AR solutions can include,


  • Engaging consumers by bringing to life the advertisements from brochures, flyer, banners and other print media advertisements
  • Sponsoring thrilling experiences like playing football virtually with your favourite stars and taking a selfie together
  • Leveraging the ultimate retention platform with AR games powered by brand sponsored rewards
  • By using the divulge relevant information about the product
  • AR-based campaigns and promo games may used as a promotion for the newest launch
  • Can leverage with the using of 3D animations ,Avatars created
  • Can also be used for the educating the consumers about the nutritional value of the food product
  • Can also be used for giving the out of the recipe for the dish in innovative and engaging ways

Benefits of AugRay’s AR solutions for advertising

  • We help brands to connect emotionally with their TG
  • Convert sales and build trust with customers by augmenting their experiences
  • Implement and evolve SLAM (Simultaneous Localization & Mapping), object recognition, facial construction and motion capture to render exciting solutions for marketing
  • Augray’s PlayAR platform combines numerous AR/VR re-skinnable Games and a Rewards system to engage users, drive retention and advocacy

Our Use-cases: We have worked for Puma and Coco-Cola delivering interactive and highly engaging experiences for the audience using our AR Solutions.


  1. AR solution for Travel Industry

Travel and Tourism Industry especially have identified the potential in AR solutions to provide a more immersive and contextualized services for the customers and have started adapting to it. Augmented Reality helps to power the destination exploration in a more portable and vivid way.

AugRay’s Augmented Reality Solutions for Travel, include,

WanderVR: This helps to transform travel experiences into a more immersive and interactive one.

Location-based or Geo-based AR solutions: Geo-based Augmented Reality, in the meantime, is a mix of location-based system and GPS used to track the location of a device and overlay the data on screen about the point of interest

Interactive guides in front of famous landmarks or helping to navigate a complex intersection using AR

Personalized Tour Guides with 3D Immersive Experience

Benefits of AR solutions by AugRay in the Travel sector

  • 3D Visualisation- 3D models of the product can narrate easily
  • Contextual Information
  • Immersive Experiences
  • Natural Interface
  • Augment a location
  • Hotels or restaurants can market or promote their product via its tracking functionality
  • You will be able to interact with the degenerated historical building in its previous glory

                   4.AR Solutions for Real Estate

AR enters real estate offering a convenient and exhilarating visual experience. It also helps to convert more clients and increase the sales.

AR Hotel Industry 360 Degree Videos

Our AR Solutions for Real Estate includes,


  • 360-degree view of the space like a new home, office and partner
  • Helps you see how your house will look furnished
  • Browse, compare and analyse properties from the comfort of your home
  • Enable a digital walk through


Benefits of AugRay’s Augmented Reality Solutions for Real Estate Sector

  • More interactive print catalogs and big boards
  • The Geo Tags which can help locate your properties in the sale on real time
  • Have the animated call or contact for further feature into the app, so that the prospective buyer can instantly relate with you

                 5.AR Solutions for Education Sector

Augmented Reality finds its place in various sectors, inclusive of education, thus making it more fun-filled and interactive. AR apps embed the texts, videos and images for real word circulation.

AugRay AR solutions for Education include,


  • Interactive and immersive fun-filled classes
  • Guided field trips for a student from the convenience of their home
  • Creating engaging presentations
  • Training surgeons for complicated remote surgery are very easy
  • 3D models for interacting with
  • Bring to life the colored pictures

Benefits of using Augmented Reality Solutions for Education

  • The interactive lesson that enhances student interest
  • Augmented models can be easily accessed by students, wherever they are, and there is no need for a physical classroom
  • It helps students to remember the classes for a more extended period
  • Deliver a more advanced knowledge about a product


  1. AR Solutions for Healthcare Market

Augmented Reality and Virtual reality both have revolutionized the healthcare field and Global Augmented Reality into the Healthcare are developing quickly ,is used extensively to varied applications such that the medical education, fitness management, training the medical staff ,that drives the growth of Augmented Reality into the Healthcare marketing.

AR solutions for Healthcare Market include,


  • Helps to manage the physical therapy more conveniently

Assists with training the nurses and technicians, making the whole process easier

  • Superimposition or projection based Augmented Reality helps medical students with human dissection classes
  • Help with the simulation of vision
  • It can be used to educate the patient better about the illness

Benefits of using our AR solutions for Healthcare Market

  • With the use of AR solutions, patients can now expect a better quality treatment
  • Managing patient aftercare becomes easy
  • Maintaining and accessing patient records are made easier
  • More interactive and immersive medical training
  • Helps to improve the standard of Global Education

Launched in 2014, AugRay soon realized the importance of Augmented and Virtual Reality for Businesses and Enterprises. So we came with a vision to provide AR / VR/ MR platform applications for smartphones, tablets and wearable that empower consumers with valuable visual experiences.

We augment that real and virtual world within the fun, emotional, educational and timely insights. Augray providing the disruptive medium for consume information in the way of technology has never been able to do.

When you hear the term Augmented Reality, the first thing that comes to your mind is the Pokemon Go game. It is that of course, but AR solutions are also more than just gaming. It is even beyond the virtual yellow line marker in live NFL games or assisting NASA flight simulations. Augmented Reality is a technology by which a computer generated information is layered over the real-life data.

According to Reports, it is the rising demand for AR in the healthcare, retail and e-commerce sector that is boosting the Augmented Reality market, which is valued at US$11.14bn in 2018. It is also expected to get to US$60.55bn by 2023, mounting to a CAGR of 40.29% for the forecast period. The rising demands also led to increased investments in AR market. At the same time, it is also expected that the augmented reality market for the head mounted is also likely to go up.

AR VR Market Share & Growth

The future of AR seems bright with essential companies getting into the AR market with the devices like Apple’s ARKit, Google’s ARCore, and Snapchat Lens Studio. This also paves the way for further development in the AR apps market.

While, both AR and VR are geared up for a rise in the future, you will find that AR is in the lead. In the meantime, Digi capital published a report in April, which revealed projections for AR and VR, stating it would hit a $150 billion market by 2020. However, only about $30bn of that is expected to be VR. This tells you that while VR might be the flashy cousin, it is AR that is supposed to gain traction slowly rising to the lead.


It was in 1968 that Ivan Sutherland came out with the first of the head mounted display system, which made use of computer-generated graphics so that they could display to the users the simple wire frame drawings. It went on to develop from there, and in 1990 the Boeing researcher Tom Caudell named the technology like Augmented Reality.

Meanwhile, the first commercial AR app was introduced in 2008 by German agencies in Munich with an intent to use it mainly for advertising purposes.

Now, if you were to go back to 2012, brands were not aware of Augmented Reality as a marketing tool. However, all that changed over time and the growth of AR marketing is expected to hit $117.4bn in 2022. According to Retail Perceptions, 40% of people were willing to pay more if they could test in AR first.

Brands know now that stagnant means to fall behind. So to avoid that, they have realized the need to use AR marketing to make an impact on the customer’s buying decision. They have identified an opportunity to stand out from their competitors with the swift development of Augmented Reality Solution.

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