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Brilliant Features

Here are several causes that our game worth paying attention to

  • Magic Stick

    It has feature called Magic stick which makes this game interesting and addictive, Player can get after completing levels with 3 stars in any level as bonus.

  • Varity of Images

    There is variety of the object images used as below. Pencil, Balloon, Apple, Bottles, Leaves, disc, Fish, Candy, Ice-cream, Kites, Pen, Carrot, Ball, Bird, Candle, DVD Etc..

  • Animation

    There are varieties of animation in each individual level which will bound you with game and inspires user to play it again and again.

  • Unique Puzzle

    This is a very simple and unique Puzzle game which never been created ever so far with such levels and colours variation which itself make it a unique game.

  • Stress Buster

    Many game review portals and people worldwide has declare it a “ Stress Buster” which is actually due to variety of images and colours used in the game it is

  • Background Music

    Make you relax while playing which is not less than meditation and help to release your stress.

Touch the Innovations

Kachi kachi is a one touch puzzle game released worldwide by “AIS Mobile apps” group developers on 4th of August 2014 for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch user. It is a simple puzzle game, There is one golden rule I,e to touch the upper object and clear the levels, why I said simple ? because to play Kachi Kachi one don’t have to put an extra mind like other puzzles but need to keep in mind that touch the top most object that’s all.

OUR Benefits

  • 6 Types of Intro

    Today Intro is a very important element of any Game. It can be named even a face of the Game.

  • Stunning flexibility

    The given Game is armed with the number of Lavels, so you can easily adapt it according to you Choice.

  • Game Sound

    Each level has unique touch sound which provide one more variety+ within the game.

The Heart

Sick of the same old games from Apple TOP25 list? Discover a whole new world of quality games from Ais Mobile Apps which marketing departments of big corporations don’t want you to show!

KachiKachi is an application that takes you to your childhood days. In our childhood we used to play simple games with a lot of objects overlapping on each other and tapping the topmost object. In the process we have to make sure that the other objects are not disturbed which makes the game adventurous and interesting. KachiKachi is based on the same principle keeping in mind the Indian mentality. We Indians find happiness in small things and don't worry about the happenings in the world. This app gives you with a feeling of your happy childhood days. You don't need to give an extra effort in playing complex games and just touch the top object and proceed to the next level. We are open to your review and suggestions. And the best thing about this application is that it’s 100% free!

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In our work we try to use only the most modern, convenient and interesting solutions.


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